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Solitair is run by family and colleagues who are passionate about trees. Loving to spend as much time as possible in our nursery, together we try to grow beautiful, healthy and quality trees with respect for each individual specimen.

We are guided by our eye for beauty. This can involve very elegant, but also whimsically shaped trees that manage to stand out from the rest. We believe they can enhance architecture or form beautiful focal points in a landscape.

From a love of nature and a great passion for trees, Solitair was founded in 1986. As the nursery grew, so did an ever-growing team alongside us. Meanwhile, there are 40,000 trees in our nursery spread over about 150 hectares. A team of 25 people are working daily to look after them in the best possible way.


Offering trees that are 30-40 years old on average obviously requires looking ahead to the future and long-term vision with a lot of patience is essential. It is therefore great for us to see them evolve over such a long period of time and then find a permanent home for them. A 30-year-old tree may already seem mature, but if they can live for hundreds or even a thousand years, they are really only at the start.

Nature is unpredictable, which is why even in our business we consciously choose not to plan everything and leave room for chance. This has often resulted in beautiful encounters and creative ideas and gems of trees finding their way to the nursery. Every tree has its story, and that only makes them more beautiful.


At Solitair, we love trees and treat them with gentleness but also boldness.  Heavy machinery is used to transplant, uproot and transport them. We do this with the utmost care to allow the roots to develop as optimally as possible. During transport, we take our time to tie up the trees and disturb their roots as little as possible.

The same goes for pruning. It takes time for a wound to heal, so we always do this with a good eye and respect for the plant. Sometimes this involves smaller branches, but we also dare to take more drastic action if it benefits the plant for the future. If we make beautiful wounds, the tree has tremendous power within itself to repair this wonderfully as well.

Love at first sight

For many people, trees are present, but the beauty of each individual specimen is not always considered. We would therefore like to invite you to our premises to deliberately look around together and discover how many different characters and beauty can be found. It happens that certain trees also arouse a feeling and there is a kind of ‘love at first sight’.

Immerse yourself in the world of trees and, like us, walk through life with around you an infinite living gallery where you can discover beautiful works of art of nature. Be welcome, we look forward to meeting you.

Kind regards from our family and the entire Solitair team