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Acer palmatum

A favourite of many. The Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) hardly needs an introduction. Its distinctive leaf shape, variety of spectacular autumn colours and elegant silhouettes make it an absolute eye-catcher.

It immediately captures the eye, standing out from many others. Its light, semi-transparent crown beautifully filters sunlight and creates beautiful shadows in its surroundings.

Budding buds announce spring.
Acer palmatum solitair
H 500/550 W 400/450
Because of the transparency in the crown, the branch structure remains subtly visible.
Acer palmatum multistemmed solitair
H 300/350 W 550/600
The Acer's fresh green leaves beautifully filter the sunlight.
In autumn, you can expect spectacular discolouration.
Tall, elegant Acers together create a distinct atmosphere under which it is lovely to stroll.
The fallen leaves are as beautiful as when they were hanging on the tree.
This Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' (red variety) shows off its beautiful structure and autumn colouring here.
The Acers' fine branching and structure comes into its fullest in winter.