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Ginkgo biloba

The tree known as a living fossil. For millions of years, the Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree) has been found on earth. Its striking fan-shaped leaves (or should we say needles), inspired many writers and artists.

As soon as autumn makes its appearance, it turns vivid yellow and almost seems to give off light at night. The grey-brown trunks in older specimens are beautifully deeply grooved.


Ginkgo biloba multistem
H 700/800 W 400/500
A green Ginkgo biloba leaf during summer
Its distinctive leaves are recognised from afar.
The leaf is often deeply grooved in the middle. The name Ginkgo biloba therefore refers to the 'two lobes' visible as a result.

Ginkgo biloba in goudgele herfstverkleuring
Ginkgo biloba
H 500/600 W 300/400
The leaves turn a beautiful yellow in autumn and even appear to give off light.