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Quercus robur

A tree that radiates strength. Quercus robur (English oak) has a rich history and symbolism. Specimens are even known to be more than 1,000 years old.

It comes into foliage somewhat later in spring, but discolours and then retains it long into autumn. In winter, its characterful branches stand out beautifully and its deeply grooved, grey-brown bark stands out all the more.

Quercus robur multistem
H 450/500 W 350/400
The green acorns have all summer to ripen and turn brown by autumn.
This picture is full of life. Not only is the flower meadow full of amazing insects, more than 1,000 species could live in and around the Quercus robur.

Our older Quercus robur each have their beautiful characteristic trunk structures.
Quercus robur solitair
H 650/700 W 650/700
Quercus robur standard
H 800/900 W 700/800
The leaves turn from golden yellow, warm orange to brown before often remaining on the tree for quite some time.